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Ruth is a Moabitess, who marries a man named Mahlon. Mahlon is the son of Naomi and Elimelech. Soon in the marriage Mahlon, his dad and his younger brother dies. Leaving Ruth, Naomi and Ruth's sister-in-law to fend for themselves. Naomi then tell the ladies that they should go back to their home town, after all they're young and she has no other son's to give to them. However, Ruth decides that she will not leave her mother-in-law. So together they travel back to Bethlehem.

The women arrive just in time for the harvesting of barley. Ruth comes up with the great idea of going to work in the fields (only no one has hired her). She goes and picks up what is left over and takes it home to Naomi. The field that she goes to belongs to a man named Boaz. Boaz has heard of Ruth's loyalty to Naomi and allows her to continue working in his field for the rest of the harvest season.

Naomi comes up with the idea that Naomi should ask Boaz to marry her. She tells Ruth to go to Boaz and wait until he has finished eating and drinking, and to lie at his feet. She does this and Boaz likes her so he agrees. However, things are not as easy as they seem. As is the custom, there is another man closer in line to marry Ruth. Boaz arranges to meet the man; the man is not interested in having Ruth as his wife. This allows Boaz to marry her; and he does.

The Book of Ruth illustrates the presence of God's grace in the life of a woman who would otherwise be excluded from Jewish life due to her

nationality (she was a Moabitess).