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Love what makes the world go 'round.

The Ten Commandments

Thou shalt have no other gods before me

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

Honor thy father and thy mother

That thy days may be long upon the land

Which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

Thou shalt not kill.

Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Thou shalt not steal.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Thou shalt not covet.

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father

Who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth,

as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil;

For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power.

And the Glory, forever.


The book of life, with it you shall learn the ways of God.


Forgiveness is a gift bestowed upon man

you must truly forgive in order to understand

the Lord our God works in miraculous ways

look for the goodness in all whom you meet today

for the devil seeks to destroy our souls

wandering the world turning hearts cold

our children, Gods children are his easiest prey

he deceives them then leads them astray

he comes into your homes when you least expect

our children so full of lies and disrespect

God has been pushed aside

our need for money and selfish pride

stop and take time in your day

resist temptations and stop to pray

by:Fabienne Lemoine

I Am A Soldier In

The Army Of God

I am a soldier in the army of God. The Lord Jesus Christ is my commanding officer.

The Holy Bible is my Code of Conduct.

Faith, prayer, and the Word are my weapons of warfare.

I have been taught by the Holy Spirit, trained by experience, tried by adversity and tested by fire.

I am a volunteer in this army and I am enlisted for eternity.

I will either retire in this army at the rapture or die in this army; but I will not get out, sell out, be talked out, or pushed out.

I am faithful, reliable, capable and dependable.

If my God needs me, I am there.

If He needs me in the Sunday school, to teach the children, work with the youth, help adults or just

sit and learn, He can use me because I am there.

I am a soldier. I am not a baby.

I do not need to be pampered, petted, primed up, pumped up, picked up or pepped up.

I am a soldier. No one has to call me, remind me, write me, visit me, entice me, or lure me.

I am a soldier. I am not a wimp. I am in place, saluting my King, obeying His orders, praising His name, and building His kingdom!

No one has to send me flowers, gifts, food, cards, candy or give me handouts. I do not need to be cuddled, cradled, cared for, or catered to.

I am committed.

I cannot have my feelings hurt bad enough to turn me around. I cannot be discouraged enough to turn me aside.

I cannot lose enough to cause me to quit.

When Jesus called me into this army, I had


If I end up with nothing, I will still come out


I will win. My God has and will continue to

supply all of my need. I am more than a


I will always triumph.

I can do all things through Christ.

The devil cannot defeat me. People cannot disillusion me.

Weather cannot weary me.

Sickness cannot stop me. Battles cannot beat me. Money cannot buy me.

Governments cannot silence me and hell cannot handle me. I am a soldier.

Even death cannot destroy me. For when my Commander calls me from this battlefield, He will promote me to Captain and then allow me to rule with Him. I am a soldier in the army, and Im marching, claiming victory.

I will not give up. I will not run around.

I am a soldier, marching heaven bound.

by B.J. Morbitzer

Time waits for no man. God is the only salvation.

This Moment in Time

The Past is frozen; it no longer flows;

What's already happened, everyone knows.

It's gone; it's solid - it cannot be changed;

For better of worse it can't be exchanged.

The Future's obscure; it has yet to come;

A time of concern and fear for some;

Looked forward to with ambition or lust -

Much better to leave it with God in trust.

The Present's lit up with eternal rays;

Today is indeed the best of days.

Love looks to this moment; the now and the here;

The time when our Father is present and near.

We should look with gratitude to the past,

Having borne righteous fruit that will last;

Our future hopes; our dreams and our plans

Can be left in the Father's good hands.

Right now; today; this moment in time

We need reach out and touch the Divine;

To honor the Lord; to cling to our King;

Forsaking ev'ry unholy thing.

Let's love as if there is no tomorrow;

Not allowing regrets or sorrow

To steal and ruin even one more day,

But live for Jesus right now; today.

by Belinda van Rensburg