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Esther was a beautiful Jewish woman. The wife of a Persian king called Ahasuerus and cousin to Mordecai. Esther becomes the king's wife when his first wife Queen Vashti, refuses to appear before him following a six month long feast. On the advice of his counselors he disposes of Queen Vashti and launches a search throughout him kingdom for a replacement.

Esther is found and is taken to the palace to be queen. Mordecai tells her not to tell anyone that she is a Jew and she doesn't. Soon after, Mordecai uncovers a plot to assassinate the king. He tells Esther about the conspiracy, and she reports it to her husband, giving credit to Mordecai. The plot is thwarted and Mordecai's act of kindness is preserved in the chronicles of the king.

The King has a chief minister known as Haman. Haman is ruthless and he hates Mordecai who refuses to bow down to him. Haman then discovers that Mordecai is a Jew and resolves to kill all Jews. So, Haman devised a scheme to have every Jew in Persia killed. The king bought into the plot and agrees to annihilate the Jewish people on a specific day. Haman's wife tells him to build a gallows upon which to hang Mordecai and he does this.

Esther is urged by Mordecai to let the king know that she is Jewish;after all she is a Jew and will not escape if all the Jews are to be massacred (Esther 4:13-14, NIV) . Esther tells all the Jews to fast and pray; she then risks her life to visit her husband unannounced (for in those days, a wife could be killed for this very reason) to invite him to a party.

She then plans a party for her husband and of course she invites Haman. At the party she dramatically reveals that she is Jewish and that all Jews are destined to be killed. Haman then tries to appeal to the Queen's mercies. However, King Ahasuerus is a jealous man and thinks that Haman is trying to come on to his wife. The king then orders that Haman be hanged on the very gallows he erected for Mordecai.

Esther and Mordecai are awarded all that belongs to Haman. However, Queen Esther reminds the king that the decree is still in effect even though Haman has died. The king tells her in no uncertain terms that a royal decree cannot be revoked and instead issues another decree allowing all Jews to defend themselves on that fateful day. Needless to say, on that fateful day the Jews were victorious in battle.

With God ALL things are possible!