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How did the Apostles Die?
The disciples of Jesus died all as martyrs.

Judas - hanged himself.

Paul - was tortured and then beheaded by a Roman Emperor.

Nathanael - was whipped and then crucified for his preaching in Armenia.

John - was the only apostle who did not die a martyr's death. He was, however, thrown into a boiling pot of oil. he was not killed but undoubtedly scarred for the rest of his life. He later died an old man.

Simon (also known as Peter) - was crucified upside down on a x-shaped cross.

Luke - was hanged in Greece as a result of his tremendous preaching to the lost.

James - was the leader of the Jerusalem church for many years. He was cast from the top of the Temple to a depth of more than 99 feet. When the "men" saw that he was still alive, they beat him to death with a club.

Mark - died in Alexandria, Egypt; he was dragged by horses through the streets until he was dead.

Matthias - was chosen to replace the Judas Iscariot; he was stoned and beheaded.

Barnabas- was one of the group of seventy disciples; he was stoned to death at Salonica.

Thomas - was speared and died on one of his missionary trips to establish the Church in India.

James - was a fisherman who left fishing to become a full time minister of the gospel. He was beheaded; after witnessing James' courage and un-recanting spirit, the soldier who was supposed to execute him declared his new found faith and was executed with James.

Andrew - was Peter's brother and the first apostle of Jesus Christ. He died six years after Peter did. He was hanged on an Olive tree in Achaia.